by our talented past and present members.

The EMBR Wave

Created by EmBR Labs

Ever wish you could cool down in a hot subway car? Or warm up in the icebox that is your office?
For those times you wished you could control the temperature, Embr Wave has you covered.

Slow Dance

Created by Jeff Lieberman of Plebian Design

“Slow dance” is a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion. By taking advantage of the limits of human visual perception, this optical illusion sculpture appears to be doing the impossible — right before your eyes. Slow Dance combines technology, science, and art, in order to remind us of the natural mystery, beauty, and wonder that surround us every day.


Created by Nickolas Chelyapov of Curious Sound Objects

Beats. Melodies. Airhorns. Noise.
What if there were a pocket sound toy that was smaller than anything out there, and could do more?
And why not make it programmable so you can make it do whatever you want?