Welcome To Our Neighborhood!


From artists to engineers, from individuals to rapidly growing teams, a wide range of people and companies call Industry Lab home. To get a feel of what sort of people are around, check out our list of current and past members.

We know the people around you are the best perk of having office space here, so we work hard to curate and cultivate a community worth leaving home for!


Some Fun Recurring Industry Lab Events

Show and Tells

IL's take on a Lunch and Learn, members and external influencers share their work or another unique passion with the community over free grub and a shared workflow break.

Town Halls

Have an idea for a community project? A deep desire to see a missing tool or other amenity at IL? Think we're doing a great job? Or simply starving for a burrito? Come hear our plans and share your thoughts at our quarterly Town Hall meetings.

Soup Nights

Every fourth Thursday of the month, a member cooks a meal to share with other members, friends or family.  We don't have a tap, but about 75% of our budget goes to beer.

Board Game Nights

Our popular board game nights happen once a month where members stay late and try out something new.  On occasion, the games jump off the board and into the night through an evening of role play.  Some nights, a card game will do.

Wellness Events 

We have a number of organized wellness activities including bi-weekly meditation in the neighboring Greater Boston Zen Center and our own W^3: Winter Wellness Week.

Quarterly Workshops

New to woodworking but looking to keep up your freshly acquired skills?  Join a group of your peers here in the IL community workshop each quarter to practice tooling under the supervision of trained shop management.

Sound Like your style?  We'd love to meet and show you around.